The lining is an intermediate material used to prevent contact of the skin or chemicals on the skin of the products in the textile and clothing sector with the skin and to prevent the irritation of the body skin due to possible friction.

We have sold lining fabric jacket, coat, skirt, quilting and so on. is used extensively in the work. We have wide color options in our stocks. In addition, we can respond to our customers’ special orders by doing color work.

Technicial Specifications
% 100 Polyester
90 gr / mt tül 58 gr / m2
Width : 155 cm

It is used in the inner part of the trousers up to the knee. The edges are cut as special cuts to prevent yarn throwing.

Technicial Specifications
% 100 Polyester
58 gr / m2
Width : Standart olarak 71 cm olan astarımız , müşteri isteğine göre kesim yapılabilmektedir.

Polyester lining with water repellent and acrylic coating is mostly used in the production of promotional coats, vests, umbrellas, flags. Many color options are available in our company. Special color and touch work can be done for your special orders.
Polyester twill lining is produced from 100% polyester yarn. Polyester twill lining is generally used as jacket lining in jackets. All kinds of twill fabric is taken. Twill fabric buying and selling. Twill fabric companies. Twill fabrics are taken.
Acetate twill lining is an imported lining type made of 100% acetate yarn. Acetate twill lining is used in jackets, coats and coats. Acetate twill primer is taken.
Polyester Satin Lining;
%100 Polyester En:150cm Gramaj:107gr/m2
Warp:75 Denier Woof:75 Denier
Our polyviskon fabrics are usually produced as lycra. Polyviscon fabrics we produce in weights between 150 gr / m2 and 410 gr / m2 are used in men’s and women’s coats, overcoats, trench coats, overcoats, children’s coats, skirts and pants.
Polyester Jacquard Lining;
Weft: Viscase Width: 150cm Weight: 80gr / m2 up to 120gr / m2 Products Available
%100 polyester
75D X 75D
Weight: 110GR/MTÜL.
Width: 150 CM


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(0544) 438 58 44


The lining is an intermediate material used to prevent contact of the skin or chemicals on the skin of the products in the textile and clothing sector with the skin and to prevent the irritation of the body skin due to possible friction.


It plays a supporting role in the production process by providing volume and resistance to the processed fabric and contributing to the form to be given to the garment. Their task is to support the shape and strength of the garment, reduce the tendency to wrinkle, and impart a certain stiffness and form.


Vatka, textile and clothing sector, such as coats, coats and jackets in the products that support the shoulders of the textile part. The wadding you use will be a Sönmez Textile product that will make your dress last longer and provide a stylish and beautiful appearance.


The duty of this product, which is indispensable of classical clothing, is to support the shape and strength of the garment, to reduce its tendency to wrinkle and to give a certain stiffness and form. They are used in suits and coats to support the body parts, to give a certain shape and to combine the shoulder parts.


Roving synthetic fibers, patchwork and other stitches commonly used in bedspreads, bags, prayer rugs, such as lining between the fabric is used to provide a thick, soft and smoother interlining filler. Used by tailors to sew jackets and coats. It is white and odorless.

Arm Wick

Our laps (cotton, sponge, adhesive, wicked, combed, etc.) are used on the shoulder part of the garments and form a uniform integrity with the arm wick which provides the support of the arm below the shoulder and descending straight down. We provide services according to your request.


It is a cut of rope type fabric cut from large fabrics used in thin strips of garment that are passed around the collar, sleeve, skirt of its own fabric or other fabric. The use of thin striped fabrics sewn on the edges of workwear and kitchen aprons and the edges of ropes, sheets and towels for hanging on your neck are examples of usage areas …

Collar Felt

100% polyester fiber needle punch (needling) technology with the desired colors kalenderli
or without calendars, we offer you under felt and wick. Our product is 180 gr / m2 and 100 cm width, 50 mt balls are packed. It is the preferred collar felt in the garment sector with its 35 different color options, smooth surface and quality.

Tex Fix

Double-sided adhesive is known as interlining. It is mostly used for seamless fixing at edges and folded places. It can be cut in widths from 1 cm to 100 cm. If preferred, it is also sold on a 100 cm width ball basis. This product is also used on paper bridges of denim trousers.


It is a handicraft which is formed by placing and sewing soft filling materials such as cotton, wool and fiber between two layers of fabric. This handicraft has been going on since ancient times. Quilted vests, jackets, petticoats, quilts, bedspreads made especially for warming are important pieces of this traditional handicraft.

Printed Lining

Polyester lining, crystal lining and satin lining can be applied on digital printing, transfer printing and pigment printing types.We can work as a good partner by offering our customers hundreds of unique design support.In order to meet the expectations of our customers, we are able to make custom designs and prepare creations.

Patterned Lining

Printed lining: PATTERNED Fabric, yarns, combined with a variety of methods to form the covering surfaces. Cotton, wool, silk, linen and so on. The fabric is formed by passing the yarns of different colors which are perpendicular and parallel to each other under each other. Contact us for our range of patterned lining.


With 35 years of experience and knowledge, we produce the best for you. Our quality control tests at every stage from the first to the last stage of the production ensure that your product is error free.


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      (0544) 438 58 44


      (0544) 438 58 44